Details for the DIY

Consultations services for the DIY (Do-it-yourself) planners. Events, Etc… is able to help tame some of the details that start out to feel a little overwhelming. Each consultation has it’s own cost, however customized combination packages are offered to fit your needs.

Although the descriptions may be geared to weddings, the services will suit all events from children’s birthday parties to a family reunion. 

Decor & Design

white weddingDécor services: Events, Etc…will create an inspiration board, plan the theme, and build the atmosphere for you to feel more comfortable doing the practical tasks. This service is a flat rate of $75.

Building a Timeline

wedding timelineBuilding a timeline: Events, Etc… will help you design a plan of action to follow from beginning to end. Even if we’re not helping you each step of the way, we can at least set you off on the right foot. We’ll show you where they should be at each point on your countdown to the wedding. This two hour service is $50.

Coordinate meetings

Coordinate meetingEvent-Blog-Career-in-event-planning-partial-wedding-services-meetings: Some people are great at handling details, but not as confident when it comes to organizing people. Events, Etc… can help you choose a time that works for everyone, create an agenda, keep minutes, and set goals to be met before the next meeting. This will  help you keep track of your progress. The fee for this service is $25/hour.

Final meetings & walk through

and they lived happy ever afterFinal meetings and walk through: Events, Etc… understands that you may be confident planning most of the details but may still like professional consultation on the final details. We will accompany you on to your final vendor meetings and venue walk through and help make sure everything is in order.



Any event can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. Events, Etc… can help you create a detailed breakdown for you to follow as you plan your wedding or other event. This one hour consultation is $25.

Phone/Email consulations & Email reminders

email & phonePhone and email consultation: Events, Etc… offers this service between the 9am and 9 pm Monday thru Saturday. We will answer your questions within an hour. This service is a flat rate of $100.

Email reminders: On the first of each month, Events, Etc… will email you a list of what needs to be done in the coming weeks. This will help you keep your planning on track. This is a flat rate of $100.

Vendor Recommendations

Cocktail-party-appetizer-bitesVendor recommendations: Events, Etc… would like to share our experience with you so you choose the best caterers, entertainment, florists, and more from our preferred vendors list, or we consult with you on your own options. This one hour consultation is $25.

Vendor visits: We will meet with caterers, florists, and so on while you  handles other details. We’ll create progress reports, help you communicate with your choices. Events, Etc.. can act as a representative between you and your vendors. This one time visit is $25/ vendor.