Planning & Design

An event of any kind, small or large has many little details. Details can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to the person doing the planning especially if they are not experienced planners. Events, Etc… has the experience and knowledge to understand the little details and have created the following services  reduce the stress on the host/hostess:

  • Casual Assistant
  • Day-of Coordinator (DOC)
  • Eventista
  • Décor Connoisseur


See below for details!

Casual Assistant

Casual Assistant – provides a step further than consultation. This service is charged on an hourly basis and has two components – planning and décor.

  • Planning – a team member will be on site to provide support both in advising and minimal hands-on support.
  • Décor – a team member with help the Do-it-yourself (DIY) to create their own decorations.
Day of Coordinator

Day-of Coordinator (DOC) – Both the Planning and Décor DOC services are charged a flat rate per event. The rates determined by size and length of service needed, i.e. small planned event is 4 hours minimum @ $35/hour, large planned event is based on 10 hours for a DOC and an assistant @ $50/hour. Décor DOC rate is based on the number of hours needed for the supervision.

  • Planning – the DOC looks after the details as set out by the host/hostess. The DOC will instruct friends, family members, and staff in executing the plan as laid out by the host/hostess. The DOC will also consult with the caterer, decorator, entertainment music, etc. are all set up and ready as per the host/hostess plans.
  • Décor – the DOC will facilitate the decorating of the event as per the host/hostess’s instructions as well as the take-down of the décor. She/he will liaison with the Event Planner throughout the day as to the relocation of the décor.

Eventista – is the full package of planning. It includes all the consultation services; liaison with catered, decorators, entertainment, venue, etc., from conception to execution of the event. Controls all of the day-of aspects of the event from set-up to take down, and all the little details in between.  Eventista is changed at a flat rate based on size of event and number of tasks involved.

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Decor Connisseur

Décor Connoisseur – is the full package of décor design. It includes all the consultation pertaining to the events décor; liaison with Event planner or if one was not hired, the caterer, entertainment, venue, etc., design and create the decorations, execute the setup and the takedown of the decoration at the event. Décor Connoisseur is charged a flat rate based on size of event, complicity of the décor and timeline available for set-up. Decorations are not included with the service.