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Topic for August 2016: Should you rent or buy equipment and supplies for you event?

Many people believe that renting linens, dinner ware, wine glasses and decor is expensive.  The biggest expense of renting from Kamloops, Prince George and Vancouver is shipping, this can almost double your equipment and supply budget of any event.  So why not rent locally! Besides Events, Etc… there are a number of other local business, in the Williams Lake and 100 Mile areas, that rent a variety of linens, tableware, decor, tents and more. Some of us deliver free of charge within a certain distance, where others may change a nominal fee.

So let’s say you are having a wedding with 150 guests. We’ll say you have chosen an inside venue that has tables and chairs included in the rental price. For the sake of your budget you have decided on a pot-luck dinner and  you have fantastic cooks in your family so that will work out great!

Now what are you eating off of? Paper and plastic are easy to clean up but will you be happy with the look on the table? Will they be sturdy enough for all the delicious  food your family made? What about the impact on the environment? So, now you have considered that and are going with “real” dishes and linens, but they are sooooo expensive to rent because you haven’t looked locally!  So you go shopping – you may find some things locally but not in the quantity you need so you drive to the coast and pay $1.15/litre on gas, plus hotel accommodation, but hey it’s a good weekend away. Still didn’t find everything you wanted or some of it was to expensive, so let’s order on-line. Oops, forgot to check the shipping and duty rates from the US to Canada and the exchange rate is outrages, but that’s okay, maybe your can sell everything on Buy & sell on Facebook.

So now your wedding is over and you have to wash all the dinner and glassware, 150 of everything sure is a lot. You get the linens cleaned at the dry cleaners for an atrocious amount and post everything on Facebook. Some of the decor goes very quickly, but those tablecloths you paid $50 after duty and shipping aren’t going anywhere. Where are you storing all the wineglasses you paid $5/each (after gas, and accommodations to the coast)?

Hmm, I wonder what it would have cost to just rent it all locally? From Events, Etc… a table-setting of 8 is $30, that includes a 60″x156″ white tablecloth, dinner plates, dessert plates, cutlery and water glasses. A conservative cost for buying the same table setting of 8 would be $90.25, that’s if you bought intelligently. Oh and Events, Etc… does all the clean of the dishes and linens at no extra charge and will deliver and pick up with in 40 km of Williams Lake city centre.

So are you buying or renting for your next event?

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